Notable dates for 2016

Candidate filing period (general election), March 16 – March 30

Charleston Green Party county convention, Saturday, March 26, 11:30am at the ILA Hall

SC Green Party state convention, Saturday, April 30, Columbia

General election, Tuesday, November 8

SC Election Commission info


South Carolina State Ethics Commission

Candidate questionnaire and meetings

All candidates are required to fill out this questionnaire.  State office candidates must meet with the SC GP Steering Committee prior to the state convention and must also address the voting delegates at the state convention.  Local office candidates must attend a county meeting prior to the county convention and must also address the voting delegates at the county convention.

Running a fusion campaign

South Carolina is one of eight states allowing fusion.  Wikipedia defines electoral fusion as  “an arrangement where two or more political parties support a common candidate, pooling the votes for all those parties”.

There are many advantages for running a fusion campaign.  The most obvious are that your name will appear on the ballot more than once.  You will pick up votes from people voting a straight party ticket for each of your parties.  You will have more people supporting and working for you.

However, be aware that the greatest disadvantage is that if you lose a primary or a convention nomination for any of the parties you file with, you are out of the election completely.  In South Carolina, fusion is all or nothing.

The rules for filing as a fusion candidate have changed in 2010 as a result of a recent Federal court order.  As of March 4, 2010, fusion candidates must follow these guidelines:

  • The candidate must file a Statement of Intention of Candidacy (SIC) form between noon, March 16th and noon, March 30th with the appropriate official of at least one of the parties through which he wishes to gain ballot access.
  • The candidate must file an SIC form with each additional political party through which the candidate wishes to gain access. Any additional SIC form is not required to be filed during the March filing period.
  • The candidate must complete a party notice or pledge with each party with which he files an SIC.
  • The candidate must not have been defeated in any primary or convention preceding the election.
  • Each party must certify the candidate to the appropriate election commission by noon, August 15th.

For more information see S.C. Code of Laws Sections 7-11-10, 7-11-15, 7-11-210, and 7-13-350. link:

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