Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 16, 6:30pm at Earth Fare in the South Windermere Plaza on Folly Road Blvd.  We will be planning for the upcoming special Congressional election so bring a friend or two and join us!
SC Progressive Network Charleston Chapter meeting
Monday, Jan 14, 7pm, ILA Hall
Join fellow Charleston area progresssives to discuss strategies and plans for this new year of advocacy and activism for social justice in SC. The Charleston chapter of the SC Progressive Network will meet on Monday, January 14, at 7 pm, in the ILA Hall on Morrison Drive. Meet, greet, network, and build solidarity among Lowcountry Progressives!
Adopt-a-Highway trash pickup
Saturday, Feb 2, 10:30am
The Charleston Green Party has adopted 5th Avenue and adjoining streets in Maryville/Ashleyville as part of the Adopt a Highway project.  Our next pickup will be Saturday, February 2.  We meet in front of the Emanuel AME Church at 10:30am.
Seismic Airgun Event Charleston
Tuesday, Feb 5, noon, Marion Square
Imagine if a jet plane flew over your head every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day, for weeks at a time.

Seismic airgun testing is used to find deep pockets of oil in the sea floor and is step one toward offshore drilling in the Atlantic.  A jet plane is just a small taste of the disruptive and deafening impact that seismic airgun testing will have on marine life if we don’t take action now.   The proposed seismic airgun testing for the Atlantic is projected to disturb and injure up to 138,500 dolphins and whales.  After seismic testing in Peru earlier this year, hundreds of dolphins washed up dead on the shores often with blood in their ears.  The decibels produced by seismic airgun blasts are loud enough to kill a human and for marine life the stakes are too high.

The U.S. Department of the Interior plans to make a decision in 2013, so join us to send a clear message: NO seismic airgun testing in the Atlantic!  Join Oceana Tuesday, February 5th at Marion Square in Charleston for a press conference and demonstration urging the Department of the Interior to reject seismic airgun testing in the Atlantic!   We will hold a press conference followed by a mock-seismic airgun test demonstration for 15 minutes using noise-makers to simulate the seismic testing proposed in the Atlantic that will occur every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day, for days to weeks at a time.

Contact: Katie Parrish, Oceana, kparrish@oceana.org, or at (239) 537-9507

Please come and voice your opposition to seismic airgun testing! 
– Sue
I Approve this Message
Movie trailer and info
Many of us were interviewed by Braxton Williams for his documentary on the struggles faced by third party candidates against the duopoly machine.  Braxton has shared some links and asked us to help spread the word!
We should have a full trailer by February.