March 2010

Please join us for the annual state convention of the South Carolina Green Party in Columbia on Saturday, May 1st, 12:00-4:00 p.m. We will be meeting at the Happy China Restaurant, 2250 Sunset Blvd, Columbia, 29169, 803-796-7477.

We will follow our usual agenda, beginning with elections for the Steering Committee, then nominations for federal and statewide offices, elections for delegates to the national Green Party convention, and then planning for the 2010 general election in November. A specific agenda will be in the next edition of the Bulletin.

Everyone is encouraged to attend! Official voting delegates to the state convention have already been chosen through precinct meetings and county conventions leading up to the state convention, following the timetable set up in the bylaws; however, all SC Green Party members are encouraged to participate in our planning for the upcoming election cycle.


Our March meeting is Wednesday, March 17, 7:00 pm at Earth Fare.  We’ll be in the cafe – please join us!

The Charleston County Green Party county convention is Saturday, March 20, 1:00 pm at the Charleston County Library main branch, 68 Calhoun Street in downtown Charleston.

This is a letter from Garry Baum, Public Information Director, South Carolina State Election Commission dated March 4, 2010:

Under a recent Federal court order, the rules governing how a candidate may be nominated by more than one party (fusion) have changed.   Previously, fusion candidates were required to file with all parties during the March filing period.  Now, fusion candidates must file with only one party in March, and may file with additional parties after the filing period closes.   Below is the detailed procedure for fusion candidates to be placed on the November 2 General Election ballot.

Candidates Representing More Than One Party (Fusion Candidates)

Each of the following requirements must be met for the name of a candidate to be placed on the ballot in a General Election as the nominee of more than one party for the same office:

  • The candidate must file a Statement of Intention of Candidacy (SIC) form between noon, March 16th and noon, March 30th with the appropriate official of at least one of the parties through which he wishes to gain ballot access.
  • The candidate must file an SIC form with each additional political party through which the candidate wishes to gain access. Any additional SIC form is not required to be filed during the March filing period.
  • The candidate must complete a party notice or pledge with each party with which he files an SIC.
  • The candidate must not have been defeated in any primary or convention preceding the election.
  • Each party must certify the candidate to the appropriate election commission by noon, August 15th.

For more information see S.C. Code of Laws Sections 7-11-10, 7-11-15, 7-11-210, and 7-13-350. link: