It is a basic human right to receive healthcare.  And it is a basic human right to have privacy.  So you would expect to be able to go to your doctor’s appointment without being harassed by strangers or by the state.  Right?

Well, if you are a woman in South Carolina arriving for an appointment at a woman’s clinic the answer is no.  You will be harassed by protesters shouting “Baby killer!” and worse at you.  And your state representatives are working hard trying to make it even harder to receive the care of your choice: one bill would require you to make 2 appointments, miss 2 days of work, and possibly pay for a motel if the clinic is far from your home and 2 days of round trip travel is difficult.  It is disgraceful, and we all know that this would not be happening to men seeing their doctors seeking Viagra prescriptions.

You CAN do something about it!

Stephanie’s Chairs

On Saturday, Feb 21 6am – 10am, bring a chair and sit with with others who believe in a woman’s right to choose. Chairs will be set up along the edge of the clinic property in West Ashley where the many protesters often stand and shout at patients and their friends as they arrive. By sitting 100 of us in this spot the protesters will have no space to stand and will need to move to the other side of the street and take their harassment further from the clinic patients. You will only need to sit and will not need to interact with protesters or with escorts, clinic staff, or patients. For info, directions, and to sign up, call Larry at 843-926-1750.

March meeting

We will not have a formal March Green Party meeting; however those interested can use this time to join Planned Parenthood Young Advocates in their first meeting of 2009.  The topic of discussion will be learning about anti-choice legislation in Columbia and writing letters to our representatives.  Monday, March 2, 6pm at the new Planned Parenthood clinic, 200 Rutledge Ave.